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Elevate Your Wine Journey

Let’s learn about and Drink Wine together in a fun and unpretentious way!

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Jack G - CA

"Nick is not only extremely knowledgeable but is also a great person and helps make wine fun and enjoyable."

Stefan M - CA

"Working with Nick is a pleasure. He is an amazing person with a clear view and positive energy. I personally recommend Nick Elliott. "

Kim W - CA

"Nick is a fantastic individual who is passionate about wine. I have had the pleasure of knowing Nick for several years now and I can vouch for his remarkable character. 

Yolande T - GA

"If you need to know ANYTHING about wines, Nick's the expert!!"

Hi! I’m Nick - The Wine Guy! I’m a Certified Sommelier, Former Wine Maker and Classically Trained Chef that loves to teach others about Wine. I educate individuals, groups and restaurant staff about Wine, its history and anything else there is to know about this fantastic beverage. In addition, I have an amazing selection of wine for discerning wine lovers and beginners alike. For me Wine should be fun and unpretentious, reach out today so we can take the mystery out of Wine!

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