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Harvest Time @
Holman Ranch Vineyards

“I cook with wine.

Sometimes I even add it to the food.”

W.C. Fields

In 1995, while in culinary school, I fell in love with wine!

I'd never really been exposed to wine, and here, I was able to explore most of the facets of this beautiful beverage.

Fast forward to 2006! We were living in Central California at the time, on the amazing Monterey Peninsula. The Monterey AVA (American Viticulture Area) was just coming into its own as a winemaking destination, although grapes have been farmed there as early as the 1600s because of its beautiful weather, perfect growing conditions and the variety of soils available in one of California's largest counties.

Our Family purchased some land in the much smaller and much cooler Carmel Valley AVA just a mere 13 miles from the Pacific Ocean. On that plot of land we planted 19 Acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris and from there, the hands on learning began. I recall spending hours in the vineyard learning about farming, organics, biodiversity, sustainability, pest control, grape growing habits and so much more. Once the vineyard began to produce, down in our newly built winery I began to learn the finer points of winemaking and how to successfully deliver the best wine possible from vine to your dinner table.

For the following 15 years Ive dedicated my life to learning about and drinking as much wine as I could possible fit into my brain (and belly!). Countless books, podcasts, magazines, wine clubs, courses and bottles later, I'm excited to bring everything that know and share it with YOU.

I personally believe that wine is to be enjoyed, so as long as you enjoy it, THAT is a perfect wine for you! Wine doesn't need to be intimidating. Let this laid back guy from Philly walk you trough it. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy amazing wine. Let me be your tour guide! I promise you wont be disappointed! - Nick (aka The Wine Guy)

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